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Dalian Globetrans Logistics Co.Ltd .has a global service network, a professional computer management systems, operating systems and experienced cargo operations personnel; staff trained, the service warm and attentive, professional and technical proficiency, work experience; implement the "one to one" type of housekeeping services to maximize meet customer specific needs. Efficient land, sea and air transport services by the community trust and praise of friends.Direct transport across the network and the rich green transport, handling and distribution experience to the company involved in the transport of goods is very broad,Including electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, furniture, household appliances, chemical, mechanical and electrical, central air conditioning, large equipment; can be agents of large mechanical equipment, high, wide cargo. Strong business strength and good reputation that I won a wealth of capacity resources.Through years of development, our company is constantly improving its own while, has been with the airlines, shipping companies and international and domestic freight forwarding company established a good working relationship, mutual do agency business, the goods can be safe, efficient and accurately, and the arrival of the world's major port city, to provide quality services to our customers has laid a solid foundation.Company would like to sincerely excellent service, and you create a better future.

Dalian Globetrans Logistics Co.Ltd . is approved by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade, in the business sector registered an international freight forwarding companies to speed development of Dalian as the center, continuous improvement and development of domestic and international transport services. By sea container freight forwarding as a starting point to provide quality services for international trade. Main business:

Based on many years of shipping experience, with major shipping companies have a good relationship, and constantly improve the internal and external port agents. To provide the most convenient mode of transport, the most appropriate schedules, the most favorable price.

Provided, including booking, loading, delivery, delivery, unpacking boxes, within the road transport, warehousing, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, including, door-door service.

Customers design, recommend the best transportation options, contract land and air, sea and waited in vain for a variety of transport methods, the issue of the whole bill of lading.