Dalian Bonded Logistics Park

Dalian bonded logistics park

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Free Trade Zone, Dalian Bonded Logistics Park to enjoy the relevant policies, import and export tax, export processing zones, mutatis mutandis, the relevant policy, that the park be treated as exports of domestic goods, customs clearance procedures, the tax rebate. Park, domestic goods, imports of goods by the relevant provisions of customs clearance procedures, the goods according to the actual state tax. The free flow of goods in the region, do not levy value-added tax and consumption tax.
Dalian Bonded Logistics Park, explore the integration of modern logistics development, convergence with international practice of customs supervision of new ideas, in accordance with the "close supervision and efficient operation" of the regulatory principles, adequate use of information technology and modern scientific and technological means to achieve regional control, network management, electronic customs clearance, scientific monitoring, the implementation of customs data, "one entry, multiple use, information sharing," achieve "a declaration, one inspection and one release," build a convenient customs clearance, complete services, management practices to monitor the effective customs control platform, creating a large port, customs clearance, large radiation of modern logistics development environment.
Dalian Bonded Logistics Park business including:
Bonded warehousing, distribution business.
International transit services.
Entrepot trade service.
International Delivery Service.
International Procurement Services.
Our company can provide import and export customs clearance services and logistics park "day trip" service, providing customers with fast, efficient quality service!