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Dalian Globetrans Logistics Co., Ltd.major regions in the country with the Treasury, to provide domestic storage.Dayaowan Dalian Free Trade Zone are consistent with international standards, warehouse, bonded warehouse and automated warehouse,Years of storage service experience and excellent teamwork qualities, so we have the ability to provide value added services.Professional, safety is our service concept, where you can get the best service.
My company can provide three-dimensional storehouse, three-dimensional storage outstanding advantages.
Also known as three-dimensional storage warehouse, is the rapid development of modern logistics industry inevitable result, and intelligent control systems, machine vision, identification, plc and robotics is a modern high-tech industries in the industrial production of the specific use of,Represents the high level of social development, the trend of high intelligence, of which three-dimensional storage of the more widely used, a connection into the flow of consumption and production and an important part, favored. Then the three-dimensional storage exactly what advantages and characteristic?
First, the three-dimensional storage is the top shelf storage, can save space, make full use of warehouse space, increased storage capacity, thereby reducing the company, the cost of the logistics industry.
Second, today's three-dimensional storage are controlled by computer and intelligence and it can automatically carry out accurate information storage and management, automated print various reports.
Third, with the traditional storage, shelves need to manually operate different, computer-controlled warehouse, you can automatically access and greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve labor efficiency, but also send and receive accurate and quick, to improve efficiency advantages into a library.