Transport Of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods transportation

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Dalian Globetrans Logistics Co., Ltd. is approved by the Chinese government with hazardous chemicals (including the virulent) qualified for the logistics services provide a variety of different trade professional logistics solution provider.The company's core business and logistics service network has covered China and the world's major cities and ports. Our company according to the characteristics of dangerous goods, dangerous cargo warehouse provides storage services, dangerous goods road transport services and virulent, dangerous goods and the provision of re-export trade logistics services. Dangerous goods, services include:
The first:Explosive;
The second:Compressed gases and liquefied gases;
The third:Flammable liquids (<-18 ℃; 23 ℃; 23 ℃ -61 ℃);
The fourth:Flammable solids, spontaneous case of wet items and flammable items;
The fifth:Oxidizers and organic peroxides;
The sixth:Toxic chemicals and infectious materials;
The seventh:Radioactive materials;
The eighth:Corrosives;
The ninth:Miscellaneous dangerous substances.