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Our company manages the sale and leasing of various containers, boxes source wide box complete, good condition, ensure leak out light, all the boxes line IICL international container standards for manufactured goods to meet the appropriate standards of CW, reliable quality, excellent price-performance . Quality first, price reasonable, service excellent.
Dalian Globetrans Logistics Co.Ltd. and Dalian in the major shipping companies leasing companies to maintain a close working relationship, box source sufficient to sell the container can reach IICL all international standards (opaque, no leaks, door, floor intact) can be soc boxes for export activities can be adapted rooms, can be used as temporary storage.Companies operate in good faith, puerile, reputation first business philosophy, praised by the majority of customers, and rapid development, our company will, as always, the intention to provide our clients high quality, efficient service.Various dry box freezer, rack, filling liquid containers, open top containers, containers moving house and other special cases. Seventy percent of new. Box condition good quality and quantity.Box standards consistent with international experience, can be used as warehouse and shipping and rail transport and so on! Credit management, adequate quantity and price concessions.
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