Inspection Customs

Inspection Customs

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Responsible for seaborne imports, exports, customs clearance, inspection, quarantine and disinfection of wood packaging, food, alcoholic pre-declaration, label review, sample testing,France seized the declaration of mechanical and electrical products,Chemical products, dangerous goods, personal items, participants sample, temporary import and export of goods, repair to return the goods,Return of entry, waste and other goods.For guests entrust us to handle import and export customs declaration and inspection needs of all types of cargo (including containers, bulk cargo, break-bulk, ro-ro ship, etc.), We can quickly go through a good day inspection documents,in order to smooth the goods quickly and safely through customs. We can also provide pay packet counters, trade agency services.

Our advantages:Import and export declarations, Import and export declaration,Dangerous goods declaration,Used goods to declare,Transit operations,Agent of L/C,Fumigation Certificate,Certificate of Origin,Pratt & Whitney Card,Dangerous Goods,Personal items,Pay packet counters to provide,Trade Agent Services,Herbal remote inspection agency,Bulk cargo, break-bulk, ro-ro, etc.,Inspection process documents quickly and make a good laboratory report.

Business (including: air, sea, land)

Agent import and export goods packaging, warehousing, transport, customs clearance.

Agent import and export of goods from customs, customs clearance and transit, after clearance of transport.

Deputy foreign office in Beijing, Embassy, Commercial Group:

1, office supplies, gifts, information, customs seal, customs clearance, transport. 2, samples and sample import and export of temporarily imported show, transported out of the bond back guarantee. 3, exhibition entry and exit of the guarantee bond and exhibits exhibits stay purchase procedures. 4, entry and exit of private goods packaging, transport, customs clearance and all-round door to door service. 5, the Office provides technical support for domestic parts and accessories required for the import and export cargo agent and customs.

Agent enterprises, research institutes, companies participating items out with the packaging and transportation.

Agent entry and exit of private goods packaging, transport, and customs clearance.

Agent for foreign goods entering the country participating in domestic transport, storage and customs procedures for import and export record.

Agent import and export of samples, displays, advertising goods, packaging, warehousing, transport, customs.

Deposit insurance agency temporary import and export, packaging, warehousing, transport, customs clearance.

Agent import and export goods declaration processing and assembly.